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Wellness Services

From Prenatal to Perimenopause

Prenatal Services

Optimal Prenatal Package

The Optimal Prenatal Package is ideal for women who want a more holistic approach to pregnancy and prenatal nutrition. You won't hear this vital  info from your OB!  

Optimal Prenatal Package includes:

  • functional testing: hair tissue mineral analysis (2 x), full thyroid, iron and blood chemistry panels, 

  • 6 months of coaching (1 x month)

This will empower you with the information you need to have the best chances for a healthy, more enjoyable pregnancy and postpartum experience, and can improve outcomes for both you and your growing bundle. Optimal nutrition is vital for both you and baby during pregnancy. Skip the guess-work and wading through tons of random info on the internet, and get well-referenced, and research-based guidance. 

Coaching focuses on education around optimal nutrition during pregnancy with an emphasis on mineral balance, lifestyle recommendations, informed consent surrounding common (and often mis-guided) conventional recommendations, and how to reduce or prevent the most common complaints during pregnancy (such as swelling, constipation, high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and more). 

You'll never regret focusing on quality nutrition during pregnancy! 


Option to add-on a postpartum hair tissue mineral test and 2 additional months of coaching to help you navigate postpartum changes and nutritional demands. 

Book a free call to learn more and see if this would be a good fit for you. 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition- 1:1 coaching

No more trial-and-error. 

Uncover your root-causes & start feeling better!

One-to-one coaching is ideal for holistic-minded (or open-minded) women who are ready to find answers for WHY they've been feeling less than their best, and are ready to commit to their healing.

Can't get answers from your doctor? Not thrilled with anti-depressants or birth control being the only "solutions" you've been offered? Feel like you've tried EVERYTHING, but still don't feel GOOD?


Take out the guess-work, and stop spending hours sifting through conflicting info on the internet! 

One-to-one coaching includes:

  • Functional Labs (hair tissue mineral analysis, blood labs, gut pathogen screening, comprehensive hormone panel) to uncover your root-causes

  • Lab analysis and review session

  • Personalized D.R.E.S.S. for health success protocol with 90-day supplement protocol

  • Access to my Holistic Hormone Healing program content

  • bi-weekly one-on-one coaching  (4 months)​

*not intended for women who are currently pregnant (great for conception prep, postpartum & perimenopause)

Fill out a no-commitment coaching  application below!

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Holistic Hormone Healing program

Online 10-week, group-coaching program

Learn the foundations of hormone health, and how to balance your hormones naturally- for life! 

Improve your mood, mindset, and your energy by working with your hormones, instead of against them!

If you're ready to ditch those annoying hormonal symptoms, and you're SO OVER dealing with: anxiety & overwhelm, feeling low, constant fatigue, mood swings, weight-loss resistance, or painful, irregular periods,

this may be the perfect fit for you!

  Learn what it takes to have HEALTHY HORMONES at any age!


  • Learn about your flow and how to cycle sync (eat & workout to work with your flow).


  • Learn how to find relief from hormonal symptoms- yes, even in perimenopause and menopause!


  • Learn a complete mind-body approach to feeling better, and working with your body. 


   Working out and eating “clean” and still can’t lose weight?


Hot flashes, night sweats, mood-swings, cravings, can’t sleep?


 If you’ve tried everything and still aren’t feeling better, we can design an action plan just for YOU! 

You don't have to settle for conventional treatments (hormonal BC pill, traditional hormone replacement-HRT, antidepressants, thyroid medication, etc.)


  • Learn about which tests your doctor probably isn’t ordering and why they could lead to discovering the root-cause of your health troubles.


  • Learn how to advocate for yourself to work with your doctor, or learn what tests you can order yourself!


You deserve to feel better, and thrive at any age! Be the CEO of your health.


*Ideal for: fertility prep, 6+ months postpartum, perimenopause.



Still have questions and want to make sure it's a perfect fit?

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Women's Wellness Consult

Looking for a more functional, holistic perspective on your health?



     Want the eyes of a functional practitioner on your health? 

If you've had all the tests at your doctor and been told "everything is normal," but you still don't feel good-

get a second opinion! It's not normal to not feel good

Conventional or "normal," ranges are very different from functional "optimal" ranges. 

Maybe you don't know what the next best step is for your situation and your overall health. 

This is a great opportunity to explore your options. 

A Women's Wellness Consult includes:

  • review of current labs (within the last 6 months)- up to 3 panels (or 30 markers)

  • review of medical history and lifestyle forms

  • general recommendations 

  • referrals if necessary

  • discussion of care options

If you decide you'd like to sign-up for one of my programs or other services, the cost of your consultation will be applied to that package or program. 

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