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Hormone Balance Call

Chat with me to see if I can help & if we'd be a good fit!

  • 30 minutes
  • Free
  • phone/online

Service Description

Schedule a free call. We can chat about what you've been experiencing and see if I might be the right person to help you. If I can help, we can see whether you'd be a good fit for one of my services or programs: *Holistic Hormone Healing (10-week, online group-coaching program focused on the foundations for happy hormones & overall female health) *Thriving Momma Package (4-month, one-to-one coaching with functional labs and a personalized protocol. Includes: DUTCH hormone panel, thyroid & comprehensive blood panels, hair tissue mineral analysis, gut pathogen test.) *Optimal Prenatal Package: (6 coaching sessions, 2 hair tissue mineral tests, thyroid & iron blood panels, personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations designed to help you have a healthy pregnancy and improved postpartum outcomes for you and baby) NOTE: This is not an opportunity to pick my brain for recommendations- you want a Women's Wellness Consult for that!

Contact Details

(209) 479-5283

Serving you from the comfort of your own home.

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