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Hormone Healing

Balance your hormones naturally and go from just surviving,

to thriving in motherhood

The support you deserve

Postpartum can be tough, but you don't have to go it alone, and you don't have to settle for feeling anything less
than your best!

Say goodbye to debilitating anxiety and overwhelm, low mood, exhaustion, weight that won't budge, crazy mood swings, and terrible periods. 

All without: more trips to the doctor, birth control or anti-depressants, diet confusion, or hours spent working out. 

Moms aren't going crazy- it's all about hormones!

(and those postpartum hormones can be a doozy!)

This is a transformational program with a holistic approach to whole-body wellness and hormone health for moms. All packaged into a realistic & practical, step-by-step plan based on functional nutrition and simple lifestyle changes that start addressing common root-causes of hormonal imbalance.


When you understand how your body works, you can work with your hormones, instead of against them- whether you're 6 months or 16 years postpartum!


Get back to feeling like YOU again,

so you can mother, mind & body

Sound familiar?

You feel like you've "tried everything," and are doing all the right things, but you still don't feel like yourself


You find yourself constantly thinking "What's wrong with me?"

You're experiencing: debilitating anxiety, even small things make you feel completely overwhelmed

You're exhausted all day long, but when it's finally time for CAN'T sleep (you feel "tired, but wired") and you can't shut your brain off

OR maybe you fall asleep, but you can't stay asleep, or you wake up feeling exhausted no matter how much sleep you get

Working out used to be your out-let and made you feel AMAZING, but just leaves you feeling wiped out, and you can't lose weight no matter what you try

You feel so emotional and can go from weepy (or all out bawling in the closet), to irritable and snappy with your spouse and kids, and feel so guilty and blame yourself for being a "bad mom," -especially when your period comes around

You "eat clean," have tried keto, fasting, low-fat- you name it- you've tried it! But you still can't lose weight, it seems like everything hurts your stomach or makes you bloat, and you are so confused about what to eat

Do you get light-headed or dizzy when you stand up, or feel shaky?


Maybe you experience heart-palpitations, feel like you can't breathe, or wonder "am I having a heart-attack?!"

Your skin is dry, lacks that bounce and glow, you're always freezing and your hands are feet are always cold 

How about brain-fog? You can't think straight, you forget what you were trying to say, can't focus at work, or prioritize and plan basic things at home... you feel like you're failing.


No, I'm not inside your head.

I've lived this after both of my pregnancies.



My doctors were NO help. When I finally convinced them to run tests- they all came back "normal." How could they be "normal," when I felt so terrible!? 

Their solution? Anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and birth control.

I tried the magic pills out of desperation after I had my daughter... and

they didn't work for me- I just felt worse, and even less like myself.

It was only after I started addressing the root-causes for my symptoms that I started to feel better

 I experienced a lot of the same issues after I had my son, but decided against medications.

I remember telling my doctor that I wasn't comfortable taking the medication because they made me feel terrible.

Wanna know what she said to me?

"If you don't want to take the medication, then I can't help you."


Well, I actually appreciated her honesty. I decided I would figure it out myself. And I did!


I went on to become a functional practitioner, and now I help other moms address common (but NOT normal) postpartum symptoms that are often written-off as "postpartum anxiety and depression" for years!

How do you address the root-causes of postpartum anxiety and depression?

By using holistic,  evidence-based strategies, and functional labs that help identify and address the underlying reasons causing symptoms in the first place. 

There is nothing wrong with you!

Your hormones just need a little extra love right now!


Once we begin to address underlying causes for symptoms we feel better, and can actually start feeling GOOD! Remember what that's like?!


There is NO need to suffer alone, feel confused, and settle for medication out of desperation. 


You CAN feel GOOD in motherhood.

You can balance your hormones naturally!

There are like, 10 million +5 articles, blogs, influencers, trainers, YouTube videos all over the internet telling women what they "should be doing" to balance their hormones. It's not lack of information that's the problem. Some information is good information, others...not so much. One of the biggest problems is that none of this blanket advice is specific to the common needs gaps of postpartum women. And instead of information overload & analysis paralysis, moms who are tired and already overwhelmed need a step-by-step method for implementing simple, realistic strategies, that comes with support & accountability!

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