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Katelynn Galvin,


I'm so glad you're here!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, anxious, not quite yourself, or just want to feel  better? 

Imagine what could be possible if you felt supported, deeply nourished, and strong.

 I'm here as a partner on your  health and wellness journey-  from prenatal to postpartum.  As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner, 

Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (CPT), and a trained Postpartum Doula I can give you the tools to empower yourself and help you feel your best.

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I really feel like my hormones are starting to do what they’re supposed to be doing. This week would be my ovulatory phase and everything is matching up like my mood, my sex drive, my energy- so it feels really good.  I’m just really happy my hormones are starting to work better and I feel better. Just a really big win overall with being consistent with everything. Thank you again for all your support and all your help


I've been doing a lot better with eating the foods for my cycle. This period is the best I've had in at least a year...pretty much no cramps, sleeping well & only one day of spotting instead of 4. 


Quick - wins for the win! In just a week I can feel a huge difference in my overall well-being.

Started my new cycle without a migraine this week. I'm not sure that has ever happened

I don't know where to start. I worked out last week for the first time in a LONG time and didn't die after. I'm down to 1/2 to 1 cup of coffee from 4 cups a day. We've been clean eating and my kids are actually eating what I'm making without complaining. Lots of wins.


I feel like I finally have answers for things that no one has been able to figure out since I was a kid. I've been feeling so bad for such a long time, it's nice to know it wasn't just all in my head.

Liv S.

Katie is so knowledgeable. She helped me get labs ordered from my doctor, and then I was able to get the rest of what I wanted from her. For years I've been so frustrated because I can't lose weight, and now I know why. I feel like I have a plan, and know more about what my body needs and how it works. 

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